About GentleBrook

GentleBrook is a not-for-profit social purpose enterprise with a vision of connecting people and community through services and business opportunities.

Lead a fulfilling life.

Collectively creating a more vibrant community for everyone.

Founded on the principle that every individual deserves to lead a fulfilling life, GentleBrook's diverse programs serve as vital platforms for personal growth, learning, and community integration. We believe that by nurturing individual abilities and fostering inclusive environments, we can collectively create a more compassionate and vibrant community for everyone.

Founded in 1974 to provide a home for individuals with disabilities.

GentleBrook was founded in 1974 by Glen and Lois Yoder, along with a caring and compassionate group of church and community leaders, to provide a home for individuals with developmental disabilities. Hartville Homes — now called Hartville Meadows — the first facility, opened in 1982 as a 32-bed residential home.

Today, GentleBrook provides services and supports that span the lifetime needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and older adults. These services and supports include residential options, adult day programs, support services, vocational training and recreational programs.

By focusing on potential and not limitations, we help each client to have a fulfilling life, rich with opportunities.

GentleBrook is licensed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and certified by the Ohio Department of Health to participate in the Medicaid Program.

Creating a more vibrant community for everyoneGentleBrook Farm Image

GentleBrook was Formed

Glen & Lois Yoder, along w/ a group of caring and compassionate individuals, formed GentleBrook as an Ohio non-profit to serve individuals w/ developmental and physical disabilities



Hartville Meadows

Opened Hartville Meadows



GentleBrook Acquires 5 Facilities

GentleBrook acquires 5 facilities/homes in West Lafayette, collectively known as Lafayette Meadows



Senior Services Addition

We move into providing senior services w/ the opening of The HomeStead, our assisted living + memory care facility



GentleBrook Expansion

Expanded I/DD services into Holmes County



Menlo Park Home

Opened Menlo Park Home



Glen & Lois Homes

Opened Glen & Lois Homes


All human life is a sacred gift and most fulfilled in community with others.

The GentleBrook Mission

GentleBrook’s primary objective is to connect people and community. At GentleBrook, we strive to provide the highest quality care and support to individuals with developmental disabilities and older adults. Our decisions are made on the basis of what will contribute most to the well-being of our clients, so that the individuals we serve may realize their full potential and live as a contributing member of their community.

GentleBrook Team InteractionGentleBrook Team Interaction

Meet the Team

Board of Trustees

Ben Sommers


Susan Rodgers

Vice President

Jandi Adams

Marlene Blackford

Tom Gibbins

Pete Kopko

Kevin Tobin

Internal Team Members

Norman Wengerd

CEO, GentleBrook & GentleBrook Homes

James Miller

Executive Vice President

Ric Brown

Vice President, Business & Fund Development

Peter Lienert

Vice President, Human Resources & Administrative Services

Tiffany Milhoan

Vice President Finance

John Diller

IT Manager

Francie Kell

Director of Marketing & Communications

Anita Sharp

Administrator, Hartville Meadows

Leslie Zimmerman

Administrator, Lafayette Meadows

Tana Fischer

Executive Director/Director of Nursing, The HomeStead

Macalia Girard

Director of Adult Day Services & NMT Coordinator